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"I'm inspired by the journey of capturing someone's essence on a canvas."

Greg Batista



I'm thrilled to announce the completion of my art studio, where I will continue my journey of creating portraits using the technique of spontaneous realism. Over the past two decades, I've had the privilege of painting some of my favorite celebrities and sports icons who have served as a source of inspiration for me. Through my new art studio facilities, I am continuing to provide one-on-one personalized painting experiences for those seeking portraits of themselves, their pets, or loved ones. Each painting is a unique and meaningful connection, and I cherish the opportunity to bring your vision to life on canvas.

Greg Batista

About the Artist

I have been painting since childhood, but portraits have always been my Achilles heel. However, when my daughters were born, I felt compelled to capture their essence on canvas. This led me to explore the technique of spontaneous realism, which has allowed me to create vivid and emotive portraits. Along the way, I've had the privilege of painting some of my favorite celebrities and sports icons, who have inspired me at different stages of my life. Seeing their reactions when they first see their painting has been an incredible pleasure.

Greg Batista's Work

Felix Trinidad Paint_edited.jpg


World Champion Boxer 

Miguel Cotto Paint_edited.jpg

Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto is a famous Puerto Rican boxer and Hall of Famer, who was hosting a charity event, a golf invitational, at a hotel in Puerto Rico.

Tommy Torres Paint_edited.jpg

Tommy Torres

Tommy Torres is a renowned singer, songwriter, and producer known for his contributions to Latin pop and rock music.

Jason Taylor Paint_edited.jpg

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is an NFL Hall of Famer and former Miami Dolphins player.

Jameis Winston Paint_edited.jpg

Jameis Winston

The Jameis Winston painting was one of my earlier works. At the time, he had just led the Florida State Seminoles to a championship win.

Adrian Peterson Paint_edited.jpg

Adrian Peterson

I did a painting of Adrian Peterson when he played for the Vikings, and I flew up to Minnesota to meet him and get his signature on the painting.

Bobby Cruz de_edited_edited.jpg

Bobby Cruz

Bobby Cruz is a renowned Puerto Rican salsa singer, composer, and musician known for his significant contributions to Latin music.

Maurice Ferre Paint_edited.jpg

Maurice Ferré

Maurice Ferré comes from a renowned family of politicians and governors in Puerto Rico. I decided to capture Maurice Ferré's essence as a politician and his leadership during Miami's challenging times in the 1980s through this painting.

Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz Paint_edited.jpg
Carmen Dominicci Paint_edited.jpg

Carmen Dominicci

Carmen Dominici was one of the first people I painted, and her piercing blue eyes were a captivating feature. I decided to create a portrait of her eyes, which were beautifully framed by her face, further enhanced by her flowing hair against a vibrant background of yellow and red. The final result turned out to be stunning. When I showed it to her, she was amazed. She was truly impressed and absolutely loved it.

Drew Brees Paint_edited.jpg

Drew Brees

I had the incredible opportunity to meet Drew Brees and create a painting for him. It was after a memorable game, the one where the referees made a controversial call at the end, preventing his team from making it to the Super Bowl. That was about three or four years ago.

Wayne LaPierre Paint_edited.jpg

Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre is the former president of the NRA. I created this painting shortly after the tragic Parkland school shooting. The painting is titled, "Arms for Sale" and depicts Wayne LaPierre holding two fistfuls of cash. On his lapel, there is a button that reads, "I love gun violence." I was able to get signatures during a student protest held at Pembroke Pines City Hall. Students from different schools signed the painting, with their ages and names visible.

Rita Moreno Paint_edited.jpg

Rita Moreno

As a proud Puerto Rican, I am a huge admirer of Rita Moreno. She is an exceptional talent who has achieved remarkable success.

Frida Kahlo Paint_edited.jpg

Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist is known for iconic self-portraits. Vivid colors, and surreal themes. A life marked by pain from a bus accident.

carlos arroyod_edited.jpg

Carlos Arroyo

Carlos Arroyo is a former NBA point guard from Puerto Rico, known for representing his country in international competitions.

Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz

Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, are salsa legends known to every salsa fan. I painted this portrait of them in a pop art style at their request, and they even autographed it for me.

Greg Batista Daughter’s Paint_edited.jpg

Daughter’s Paint

When my daughters were born and as they grew, I felt an insatiable desire to paint them. I thought, "Why not immortalize my daughters on canvas?"

Laura Cruz

Laura Cruz is a Puerto Rican Sexologist who appears regularly on Latin TV channels such as Telemundo & Univision. I met her at a GALA and was impressed by her beauty and I knew I had to paint her. She agreed and even signed the painting after. 

Miguel Cotto Paint_edited.jpg

Ordering Process

The portraits I do are very exclusive. I only do a few per year. Each project requires a one-on-one meeting and exchange of information so I can properly capture the subject's essence. 


First, pick the size you desire. Pricing & Sizes are found below. 


After placing your order, I will contact you within 48 hours.


Paintings usually take between 1 to 3 months to complete.


You pay 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.

Sizes & Prices


Call For Other Custom Sizes

We can provide a custom size at your request. Pricing will be determined at that time. 


Contact Us

If you are ready to have a conversation about your custom portrait, fill out the form below or call us so we can discuss the next steps.


3806 Davie Boulevard Fort Lauderdale,

FL 33312, United States

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